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We are a Foundation Repair Company

While there are many companies in Toronto that exist to waterproof or damp proof houses, there are fewer contractors in the GTA that have the necessary experience to do it right the first time.

  • We Have Over 20 Years Experience Fixing Foundations!
  • We Offer Quality Workmanship!


  • Foundation Restoration & Repair
  • Structural Stabilization & Helical Piers
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Water Management Solutions
  • Basement Lowering / Underpinning
  • Drawings & Permit Applications
  • Additional Services

Our Foundation Repair Process:

Our Process is what makes us an industry leader. Our process consists of 3 steps: Investigate, Diagnose, and Remedy. It is our commitment to ensure that what we do will be done properly and more importantly, that it will last.

Our Foundation Work is Green:

We look at the impact that we make on a local level. We use methods and materials that are environmentally responsible – which is, in effect, working smarter. And of course it has the added benefit of creating a safer environment to work in.

Head Office

Stonehenge Foundations:


137 Raleigh Avenue,
Toronto, ON
M1K 1A1

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